A site devoted to the history of Greater Rib Lake, Wisconsin!

This is the website for the Rib Lake Historical Society, LLC. The purpose of the Society is to preserve, publish and promote the rich history of greater Rib Lake, Taylor County, Wisconsin. 

Another goal of the Society is to provide to the public a convenient way to share and access historic photos and documents. 



FOLDER 11: Viewer Comments

The Rib Lake Historical Society welcomes and encourages viewers to make comments.  This includes correcting society mistakes of omission or commission.  In addition, the Society welcomes comments adding viewers recollections and reminiscenses.  In short, this is your chance to say whatever you may want.  To add your comments, see below to sign our on-line guestbook! 


A. If you are viewing the photo slideshow on Folder 16, you can comment immediately beneath the photo.

B. If you wish to comment regarding a map, document, or other non-photographic image, please write or email the Society.  Email: robertprusch@riblakehistory.com.